I… I can’t do it on 3DS unless you can remap the buttons. I’ve been playing the demo for a couple of hours now (yes, 1 map, 5 characters, still a couple of hours of hands on that’s quite enjoyable) and I have to say unless I can actively change controls, I probably won’t end up getting this version.

The throw and dodge buttons need to be switched and the attack and jump buttons rotated just ever so slightly clockwise. Honestly it would be a ton like a Gamecube setup with those two slight changes, being that I use the left hand for movement control mostly. Still working on stick jumping but until then, the button jumping is god awful. 

Other than those control complaints, the game runs well and performs as expected, it’s just, in my opinion, less fun on a smaller screen. 

…what the group I started to make actually has access to anymore, and I find that kind of concerning. Mostly because I know I’ll be immature and bash them here and there, but as it stands I’m forging forward with a different goal in mind. 

The Girlfriend and I are off to bake cookies for something that’s going to be seriously messed up. Like, incredibly dark “could be mistaken for some sort of artpiece because it’s so completely outlandish” sort of messed up. I’m excited by it. 

I was inspired by a video I watched to change the entire original script. I think it turned out better than I thought it would.

I think I hate review sites maybe a bit more. They don’t go into great detail to justify their scores they give, and the cynic in me says probably a good portion are bought. 

AS SUCH I think I’ll do a review thing but actually give categories sort of like Reviews on the Run does or did (been years since I’ve watched it)

Maybe there’ll be a bit of quality for a change?

I think this one is a little bit better than the other. Instead of criticizing people so hard it’s sort of calmer with enough cynical fearmongering I enjoy.

I don’t really know what to call it, maybe a place to vent more or less, but here goes.

So, I started doing YouTube this week. *confetti and streamers and shit* 

It’s exciting and interesting and only after very little videos made, I already have feedback and am steering my cart recklessly less and less. Maybe it’s some sense of internet sobriety that kicks in once you start putting your face to it. I realize after one video that I probably shouldn’t be so heavy handed. As mother always said, you wipe out a small generation of tiny insects better with sex nectar than with sour liquid made for onion rings. 

Either way, I don’t care if people watch or not, part of me is doing it for myself, the other part hoping to broaden a mind or two and even make discussion. If I can change a mind or make someone a better decision maker, I think I’ve won. If not, then I have something to look back to and say “I tried” with. 

I’ll probably be posting here more and more as time goes on. We’ll see. If anyone is watching me at all however I’ll have to choose what I say a bit more carefully. When it comes to Jekkus and his personal shit, he has a lot of words that don’t really need saying.